Active Participation in Scholarly Conferences (Recent 10 years)

1999-International Adaptation of Success for All. A two-year study of achievements in reading and writing. The Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), San-Diego, USA. (with B. Schaedel and E. Tov-Lee, Chicago).

1999-Invited Lecture: The six mirrors of the cooperative classroom as a context for development.  The 9th International Conference of Developmental Psychology, The Island of Spetses, Greece (April).

2000-Measures of writing development in learning environments using cooperative learning and computer mediated communication. The annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), New Orleans (With Irit Bar-Natan,April).

2000-The elementary school as a learning organization. The International Society for the Study of Work and Organizational Values (ISSWOV). Work Values and Organizational Behavior Toward the New Millennium. Jerusalem, Israel.(With H. Kurland, June 25-28).

2001-Organizational Learning as a Function of Leadership Style and Vision. The first national conference in Israel. ( With Kurland. H, Hamacabia, Ramat gan, April 2-3).

2002-The Impact of School-Family Partnership (SFP) on Parents' Attitudes and Children Reading and Writing in First Grade.  Paper presented at the 11th International Roundtable on School, Family and Community Partnerships AERA). New Orleans, April  (with Haya Horovitz).

2003- School-Family Partnership for Jews and Arabs in a mixed city in Israel. Paper presented at SCIPRT, - The Israel Association for Literacy, June 30-July 1  , Zichron Yaakov, Israel (with Zelniker, T).

2003-The development of personal and public mutual acceptance and mutual rejection: The case of a diverse University context in Israel. Paper presented at the Global perspectives on youth conflict: Book project and conference, Bellagio, Italy (March 10-14).

2003-Haifa University as a zone of Coexistence. Paper presented at the 2nd International workshop on Research on Peace Education. The University of Haifa. ( June 8-12).

2003-Coexistence -School- Family- Partnership for Jews and Arabs in a mixed city in Israel. Paper Presented at the Learning Conference, Institute of Education,University of London. July 15-18. (With Tamar Zelniker).
2003-Vision of Difference Comparing Educational and Business Entrepreneurial Vision. Paper presented at the ARNOVA conference, Boulder, Colorado. (with Ayalla Ruvio, and Zehava Rosenblatt).
2003-Transcending Problems Involved in Joint Activities by Israeli and Palestinian Aacademic: Mental health training in Gaza. Paper presented at the Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (FFIPP) conference, Tel Aviv. June 18-19. (with Zelniker, Tamar.).
 2003-Mental Health Training in Gaza: The case of Palestinian-Israeli Endeavor 1993-2003. Paper presented at  MENA Regional Conference of  Psychology , Dubai,  December 13-18. (with Zelniker, Tamar., El Sarraj, Eyad.).
2004- Can Peace Education be Enhanced via Participatory Research? Three case studies at Haifa University, 2001-2003. Paper presented at The International Conference on Peace Education for Contemporary Concerns, Jaipur, India, January, 5-7.( with Zelniker, T).
2004-Organizational Learning in Elementary School- A case Study. Paper presented at the first interdisciplinary conference for the quality research methods in Israel. Tel Aviv. March 22-23. (With H. Kurland).
2004-Developing a Questionnaire for the Evaluation of Organizational Learning at the elementary school. Paper presented at The International Society for the Study of Work and Organizational Values (ISSWOV). The University of Ben Gurion, Be'er Sheva. October the 12th.  (With H. Kurland).
2004-Innovation Versus Conservativeness- Women's role, influence and status in context of changing processes in Arabic schools in Israel. Paper presented at The International Society for the Study of Work and Organizational Values (ISSWOV). The University of Ben Gurion, Be'er Sheva. October the 12th (With Shapira. T).
2004-The development of a Questionnaire to Asses Women Empowerment via University Studies. Paper presented at the conference of the Israeli Association for the Study of Education )IASE): University of Ben Gurion, Be' er Sheva. October The 12th . (with Gilat, A).
2004-Where are the Mothers of the Kibbutz Education?. Paper presented at the preschoolers conference. Jordon Vally. March the 20th. (With Osem, G).

2004-Research and Development in Arab and Jewish Schools. Paper presented at the publication of the book: Literacy Development and Cooperative Learning (ALASH). The University of Haifa. 24th of March. (With B. Schaedel).

2005- The Relationship Between Identity Construction of Arab and Jewish Students And Their Attitudes Towards Their Experiences in Relation to Conflicts and Violence on Campus. Paper presented at the International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology VII (IACCP). University of Granada, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.11-15 of July. (With Zelniker. T. Kupermintz, H. Azaiza, F. Sharabany, R, Peretz, H).
2005- Literacy Development in a Multi-Cultural School System:  The power of an Educational Innovation to Enhance Reading and Writing Outcomes for First Graders in Hebrew and Arabic Languages in a Mixed City in Israel. Paper Presented in The Twelfth International Conference on Learning, University of Granada 11-14 July .(With Schaedel. B).

2006-Organizational Learning as a Function of Leadership Style and Vision. Paper presented at the 10th International Society for the Study of Work and Organizational Values  (ISSWOV). June 25-29. Tallinn, Estonia. (With, H. Kurland).

2006-Does Organizational Learning Contribute to Teachers' Extra Effort, Job Satisfaction, and Students' Academic Achievements? Paper presented at Earli 9th  Conference of EARLI Jure. University of Tartu "Models and Learning: Theory, Design and Application". 30th of  June – 4th  of July. (With H. Kurland,).

2006- Long Term effects of Community Empowerment and Leadership Building in An Arab-Jewish City in Israel. Paper to be presented in the International Society for the Study of Organization Behavior and Work Values (ISSOW), Tallinn, Estonia, June 25-29. (With Zelniker. T).
2006- Friendships between Arabs and Jews and its relation to perception of campus. Paper to be presented at the Biennial meeting of the International Association for Relationships Research (IARR). University of Crete, Rethymno, Crete, Greece. 6th -10th of July. (With Sharabany, R,  Zelniker. T,. Peretz, H, Azaiza, F. and Kupermintz, H).
2006- Mapping Familiarity Across Cultures: Towards a Nascent Arabic-Hebraic Intercultural Community in The Galilee Work in Progress. Paper presented at the Israeli Palestinian Center Research Information (IPCRI). Antalya. (with Svirsky, M,. Mor-Sommerfeld. A,. l Azaiza, F).
2006- Into The Future – Towards Bilingual Education in Israel Conference. Paper presented at the Israeli Palestinian Center Research Information (IPCRI). Antalya. (with Mor-Sommerfeld. A,. l Azaiza, F,. Zelniiker, T).
2006- Partnerships and Students with Special Needs Conference. Chair/Discussion Leader at the 13th International Roundtable on School Family, and Community Partnerships, San Francisco, CA. April 7th.
2006- Peace building: Human Rights, Democracy and Integrated Education. Preformed as Chair/Discussion Leader at the (AERA). April 7-11.  

2007- Gender, Religion, and Identity- Perspective on youth in times of Global Crisis. Paper presented at the University of Haifa. January 3rd (with Meitav, M,. Zoabi, N).

2007- Haifa University: Is it an Umwelt for dialogue between Religions and identities? Paper to be presented at The World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) September 3-7, 2007 Sarajevo. (with Azaiza, F,. Peretz, H,. Zelniker, T,. Sharabany, R).

2007 - Into The Future : Bilingual Education in Israel- New Models. Paper presented in th 6th International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB6). May 30-June6, 2007, Hamburg, Germany ; Mor-Sommerfeld. A,.  Azaiza, F.&  Hertz-Lazarowitz, R

2008- Hertz-Lazarowitz, R. &, shoham, M. Attitudes regarding Bilingual Education among the Adult Population of Israel*. University of Haifa. 28.02.08
2008- The social Drama model as a Theoretical Frameworks for Cooperative Participatory Action Research (CPAR) in a Multicultural Campus. IASCE Conference, January 2008, Turino, Italy (with Hertz-Lazarowitz, R., Zelniker, T. & Azaiza, F.).
2008- Kurland, H., Peretz, H.,  & Hertz-Lazarowitz, R, . School vision as mediator between principals’ leadership style and school organizational learning.  Paper to be presented at the AERA conference. NY (March 24-28, 2008)
2008- Gilat, A. & Zelniker, T., Hertz-Lazarowitz, R.. Religious and Non-Religious Jewish and Muslim Women’s Experience of Empowerment: Acquired Empowerment through Higher Education.  Paper presented at the AERA, N.Y. March 24th, 2007
2008- Katsiaficas, D., Hertz-Lazarowitz, R., Sirin, S., Fine, M., Yosef-Meitav, M., Farah, A., & Zoabi, N. (October 3-8) Mapping Contested Identities: Methodological Implications for Developing Identity Narratives, Presented at the 6th Annual Diversity Challenge, ISPRC, Boston College.
 2008 - קהילת ההורים בבית הספר הדו-לשוני ערבי-עברי בישראל: שפה ומרחב. הוצג בכנס כינוס אוריינות ושפה, אוניברסיטת חיפה. מור-זומרפלד, א.,הרץ-לזרוביץ, ר. ועזאיזה, פ. 

2010- Arabs and Jewish Students at the University of Haifa: Identity Maps Drawings within the Intricate Israeli Political Context. Paper to be presented at AERA, April 30-May 4, , 2010, Denver, Colorado (Hertz-Lazarowitz, R., Kupermintz, H., Zelniker, T., Farah, A., & Yosef-Meitav, M.).

 2010 - דת לאום וזהות: המימד הנשכח בהתפתחות מורים. עבודה הוגשה לכנס הרביעי של המרכז הישראלי למחקר איכותני של אדם וחברה בשיתוף עם העמותה לחקר האדם הרב-מימדי. באר שבע, 17-18 בפברואר 2010. הרץ לזרוביץ, ר., יוסף-מיטב, מ., פרח, ע., זועבי, נ., צלניקר, ת.

2010 - Identity Map Drawings (IDM) by Arab and Jewish Israeli Students Reveal Complexities and Potential. Paper presented at ISSWOV: The 12th International Conference on Work Values and Behavior, to be held in Estoril-Lisbon, Portugal from June 27 -30, 2010. Competing Values in an Uncertain Environment: Managing the Paradox. Hertz-Lazarowitz, R., Zelniker T., Farah, A., & Yosef-Meitav, M.

2010 - Theory of reformed as a component of educational change. Paper presented at International Conference PHOENIX-PHE, Bran, county of Brasov, Romania, September 23-25, 2010 . Lazarowitz, R., Hertz-Lazarowitz, R.
 2010 - Are Student from Different Religion and Ethnic Background Seeking Contact and Friendship with Students from other National Group? Paper presented at IARR: International Association for Relationship Research. Hertzelia, Israel: 22-26 July 2010. OE 06 . Hertz-Lazarowitz, R., Zelniker T., Farah, A.
 2011 - קמפוס אוניברסיטת חיפה כזירה של דת, דתיות, וזהות. עבודה הוגשה לכנס אמונה דתית והסכסוך היהודי-פלסטיני, המרכז היהודי-ערבי  אוניברסיטת חיפה. חיפה 13-14 אפריל 2011. הרץ לזרוביץ, ר., פרח, ע., צלניקר, ת.
 2011 - School family, community partnerships as perceived by Jewish and Arab parents   and teachers in Israel. Paper presented at ERNAP : 8th  International Conference of the  European Research Network about Parents in Education, 29th June – 1st july 2011   Milano, Italy. Schaedel, B., Azaiza, F., Bohemn, Amnon, Hertz-Lazarowitz, R.,  Freund A
 2012 - Hyphenated identity development of Arab and Jewish teachers: within conflict  ridden multicultural settings. Paper presented at 10th Annual Conference of the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society (BCES). "International Perspectives on Education" Kyustendil, Bulgaria, 12-15 June 2012. Hertz-Lazarowitz, R.,  Farah, A. Yosef- Meitav, M.