Scholarships, Awards, Research Grants, etc. (since 1990)


Faculty enrichment grant prize from the Canadian Studies Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. (4,400 Can. $)


1989‑1992   Researcher ‑ Beit‑Hagefen Arab‑Jewish co-existence programs. (90.000 NIS)

1992‑1999   Researcher – ALASH, literacy and Cooperative learning in Arab and Jewish schools 
                      (average of  80.000 NIS per year) Ministry of Education and local municipalities

    1. Success for All (SFA) in Israel: Ministry of Education and local municipalities   (300,000 NIS)

1998-2002 The Abraham Fund - Arab and Jewish cooperation in Acre: school-family- community Partnership for literacy development. (25,000$) (With Dr. T. Zelniker)

    1. Ministry of Education - Induction of Beginning Teachers (1,250,000 NIS) during the 12 Year period (with R. Strahovsky).
    1.   Rich Foundation - Literacy Development (15,000 $) (With Dr. Bruria Schaedel).

2004-2007   Zeit Grant – Into the Future – Bilingual Education in Israel  (Principal investigators;
                         Faisal Azaiza, Rachel Hertz Lazarowitz and Aura Mor). Three year study 100000
                         Euro per year. 
2005             ISF  Grant: The empowerment of religious and non religious Jewish and Muslim
                        women  via their study at the University. The Israeli Science Foundation:
                        (97.000  IS)

2008-2011    Zeit Stiftung Grant:   School, Family and Community Partnerships (SFCP):
                        Empowering Jewish and  Arab  parents in Education. Schadael, B., Azaiza. F.,     
                       Hertz-Lazarowitz, R. et al. Three year study 100000 Euro


1967-1969         Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel: Scholarship to pursue B.A. degree

1974                  Second National Prize, The Wright Institute, B, California: Essay on Graduate Experience, USA.

1979                   1979 The Israel Interfaith Committee - National Prize for the Research on Identity and the  Educational Environment.

1994                 Nominated alongside Reuven Lazarowitz, as prominent University of Texas (UT) at Austin, International alumni.
                        Our careers are described in chapter 20 (pp 194-201), in Richard Pennington 1999: Coming to Texas: International Students at the                                University of  Texas, Austin

1997               The Monbaz Award for Contribution to the community: professional co-operation
                         of  psychologists in Israel and Gaza.

2006            The Nagid Shield for Tolerance: The Israeli Rotary Conference for inter-communal
                        understanding  and pleasant neighboring, Bet-Hagefen , 8.12.06