Offices in University Academic Administration
In the faculty of Education

1974-1979          The board of directors, research & development center for Arab Education.

1974-1980         Committee for developing new teachers' training program

1975‑1978         Research committee.

1983‑1986         Committee for instruction & curriculum.

1989‑1991         Graduate Program committee.

1989‑1991         Research Committees.

1990-1997         Head of Curriculum and Instruction program   

1994‑1997         Executive Committee of the School of Education

1994-1998         Chairperson; Development & Management of Educational Systems

1998- 1999         Ph.D. committee

2002- 2004        Ph.D. committee

2003-2006         Research committee

At University Level

1983‑1987         Academic committee for extension studies.

1985‑1987         University Research Authority Committee.

1990‑2002         Academic head of the project: beginning teachers.

1994-2000         Academic head of programs on women's leadership

1997-1999         University academic TV committeeab Center