Scholarly Positions and Activities outside the University

Academic and Public Positions

1975‑1980 Member of the national committee for the experimental infant school
1979-1985    Member of the national committees for active education in Israel
1996-1998 Member of the national committee on gender-equality-                  
All the above were appointments by the Ministry of Education
1991-2000    Women's issues: Academic Head of the Israeli women's network (northern branch)
2002-2003  Member of Haifa municipality council of women Chairperson of the Israeli committee: Attracting, Developing and Retaining Affective Teachers. OECD- Paris .
2004-2005 Visiting Scholar at the Psychology Department – The Social Personality program. The Graduate School and University Center. The City University of New York (CUNY).
2008 Member of the Education academic committee of the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) 
2007-2009  Member of the Malag (Council for Higher Education) Evaluating new M.A Leadership Programs in the Open University, Israel
Experimental Projects

Head of projects for Active Schools, cooperative learning and literacy development (Haifa University and the Ministry of Education)

1994-1998 Academic head for the holistic project in Acre.
1998-2002 Academic head – family school partnership – Acre.
2003- 2006   Head of Researches teams on "life in the Campus of Haifa University".
2005 -2008   Co-Principal Investigator- Into the Future: Bilingual Education in Israel.
2008 -2011  Co-Principal Investigator- School- family and Community Partnership. The Jewish-Arab Center, Haifa University
Professional Affiliations

American Psychologistes Association (APA)

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

International Association for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD)

International Association for Research on Personal Relations (ISPRR)

Israeli Association for Education Research (IARA)

Israeli Psychologistes Association (IPA)

Founder and member in the executive committee: International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education. (IASCE)

Scientific Head: International conference on coexistence in Education  (1999)
Reviewer for Journals, and Research Groups

Editors board member for: Technology Information, Education and Society; Megamot ; Cooperative Learning ; Script: The Israeli Journal of Linguistic Education; Studies in Education; Studies in Educational Administration and Organization.

Journal of Social Issues - editor of a special issue

Reviewer for: AERA conference papers.

Reviewer for the following Journals (In English): Computer and Education; Journal of Social Issues; Personality; Social Psychology Bulletin; Technology Information; Education and Society ; Anthropology and Education Quarterly; Identities; Language and Education; European Journal of Educational Psychology; Language Culture and Curriculum; Sex Roles

Reviewer for the following Journals (In Hebrew); Megamot ; Script: The Israeli Journal of Linguistic Education; Dapim; Studies in Educational Administration and Organization, Studies in Education

Reviewer for proposals texts

Proposal Reviewer For:
The Israeli Science Foundation
The Binational Science Foundation (BSF)

Reviewer and Examiner for: PhD dissertations at Tel Aviv University, Ben en Gurion University, and The Hebrew University.

And also for Ph.D. dissertations abroad; Curtin University, Australia, and University of California (UCSB).

Consultant and Reviewer for: The Open University- academic publications in Educational Psychology, Leadership, Cooperative Learning, and school change.