B.A. level

Educational Psychology: Selected topics 1976-1992 Research Seminar
The Psychology of Cooperative Learning 1990-1996 Courses
Interaction in the Classroom 1990-1996 Research Seminar
Issues and Dilemmas in Israeli Education 1999-2002 Course
The social psychology of HU campus 2001-2008 Research Seminar

M.A. level

Social and Educational Psychology 1990-2002 Research Seminar
Literacy and Cooperative Learning 1993-2000 Research Seminar
Critical and Innovative Pedagogies 1996-2002 Research Seminar
Gender and Leadership in Education 2001-2004 Research Seminar
The social psychology of HU campus 2005-2008 Research Seminar


Supervising Student for Advanced Degrees

PhD Students

Student’s name Title of work
Scharf Miri
Patterns of Attachment among Adolescents in Different Family and Educational Environment (with Avi Sagi)
Horovitz Haya
Family-School-Partnership and its impact of Children's academic achievement in first grade
Ruvio Ayalla
Post secondary institutions as entrepreneurship
Tov-Ly Ester
The development of story writing in first and second grade
Kurland Hana
Learning organization, leadership, vision, and its correlates to effective schools
Shapira Tamar
Characteristics of Muslim and Jewish women as change facilitators
Gilat Anat
Empowerment of Orthodox women (Muslim and Jewish) via University education
Osem Gabi
In progress
"The Approaching Past":Women Holocaust Survivors in the Kibbutz - The building of their identity and belonging circles
Simon-Vinter Bat-Sheva
In progess
Evolution of Structured Collaborative On-line Pedagogy

MA Students

During the years 1976-1990 I supervised 20 students for MA . This list refers to 1990 - up to date.

Student’s name Title of work
Od Cohen Moshe
The school psychologist as a facilitator of a community wide project to enhance positive learning climate in elementary schools.
Vurenbrand Naomi
A dyadic and gender-specific analysis of Close friendship receiving group psychotherapy
Ben-Natan Ada
A School Studies Itself: A Principal, Teaching Staff and Researchers, Cooperation in Action Research
Hassidov Dina (1994) The Effect of Instruction Methods Applied in the Arithmetic Class on Achievement Levels in Elementary Schools Using Computer- Assisted Instruction
Dalia -Peled
Learning Strategies Usage by Student from Different Background and Grades.
Weinstein Yochai
“Havruta” a Jewish cooperative dyad learning
Amit Michael
Learning in an Integrative Environment (CIM) at a Technological College
Marom Anat
Use of Strategies in the Writing Process
Tam Ana
Personal, Demographic and Classroom Factors Influencing Students Coping With Political Uncertainty in the Golan Heights
Kerlitz-Nisim Tal
Effect of Peer-feedback on writing in Literacy oriented classrooms
Furman Rivka
Salience of boys and girls in whole-classroom and small group teaching.
Bar-Natan Irit
Computer Mediated Communication andWriting Development in Hebrew and Arabic Schools
Ben- Shushan Nurit
Change and restructuring in an elementary Schools: A case study
Tamar Shapira
Women as leaders in the Arab school
Weiss Orna
Bulling and their victims in elementary School
Mazzawi -Nasser Rula
Friendship, Prosocial reasoning and social Adjustment
Osem Gabi
Where are the mothers of the kibbutz education? The disappearing of women from the theoretical writing about the communal education in the kibbutz movement
Meitav Moran
The construction of hyphenated identities in Haifa University: Do they create space for dialogue or conflict?
Shibal Suha
The effect of the orthographic characteristics in Arabic on Arabreading acquisition in their bilingual context (with Dr. Raphiq Ibrahim).